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Our Story

Kandygs started with just 10 machines in 1971 but now has as many as 300 handlooms and 30 power looms housed within a number of weaving units. We also have a fully equipped dye house and a sewing unit.

Apart from our commitment to producing quality products, kandygs supports the Handloom Industry by poviding secure, fair employment and on the job training. We pride ourselves in having trained more than 300 weavers working in our units or from their own homes.

These commitments add value to our products, but have also resulted in the number of national export and innovation awards. Kandygs successfully exports to Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the Maldives. 


Our Vision

Sustainably Produced

Ethically Sourced

Empowering Women

Improving Livelihoods

Kind to Nature

Protecting Tradition

Sincerity to Customers

Made in Sri Lanka

We will always work hard and
do our best to protect these values.


Weaving with Bamboo

Kandygs Thirasara Collection

Thirasara meaning sustainability, Handloom weaving is an intrinsically sustainable industry. However it is essential to use the correct raw materials to produce a biodegradable product.

Bamboo, the lustrous wonder of Asia.

The bamboo plant is harvested into yarn, which is then woven by hand into soft fabrics. The fabric is soft like cashmere, drapes like silk and has a natural sheen. A more ecological alternative to cotton. Our product range has expanded from home.

This is our contribution towards sustainability in Sri Lanka

Export Awards

Presidential Export awards for the Best Exporter of the Handloom product sector for the year 2011, 2012 and 2013.

National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) Gold award for Best Woman Exporter.
NCE Silver award for Most Innovative Exporter.
NCE Silver award for Export - Industry – Small category.

NCE Silver award for export – Garments – Small category.
The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries Merit award for export.

Presidential Export Awards for outstanding export performance.
NCE Silver award for export – Industry – Small category.
NCE Silver award for best woman exporter.

NCE Silver award for best woman exporter.

 NCE Bronze award for export – Industry – Small category.

 NCE Bronze award for export – Industry – Small category.
Priyadharshani award, India.

 NCE Bronze award for export – Industry – Small category.

Presidential Merit award.

Zonta women of achievement.

Export Development Board (EDB) Export award.

Kandygs Handlooms  2020