(meaning : sustainable) 

Empowering Sri Lankan Women

Kandygs is committed to producing a good quality product without compromising our ethics and values, therefore we are proud to have started handloom village projects, allowing weavers, primarily women, to work from home. Thus, empowering women weavers across the island.  

The project was started in 2010, by Kandygs in collaboration with the Government of Sri Lanka, providing a 1000 machines to homes of village weavers. Kandygs provides the training, designs and raw materials and we market the products so that they can be accessible on a more global level. We visit the project on a regular basis to ensure that our quality standards are upheld. We work on a 100% buy-back basis, as our weavers are just as important as our customers. At present we have over 100 weavers working from home. The project was made accessible to all handloom companies in Sri Lanka and many individual entrepreneurs have come up in the area. It has proved to be quite effective in revitalising the concept of working from home for women and developing the handloom sector through means of product innovation. 


Weaving with Bamboo
Kandygs Thirasara

At Kandygs we only use raw materials that are sustainable and kind to nature. The bamboo plant is a sustainable and versatile resource, able to grow in diverse climates and is the fastest growing woody plant. As the plants are grown in close proximity to one another, not much land is required. The bamboo plant is efficient in its water usage and the extensive root system prevents soil erosion. 

Bamboo when harvested regenerates without the need to replant, and little care and maintenance is required. With bamboo being a good “carbon sink” growing bamboo will be beneficial for the environment. It can be grown easily without fertilizers or pesticides and this is another good reason for using bamboo as an organic textile. The bamboo textile is a more ecological alternative to cotton.

The bamboo fabric is soft like cashmere and has a natural sheen. Its unique properties have made it a well loved and sought after product that is exclusively available at Kandygs.

This is our contribution towards sustainability in Sri Lanka


Kandygs Handlooms  2020